Douglas County, Minnesota

Douglas County Mn Jail Kicks Nemmers Out!

Look! Even lawless Valley Springs, South Dakota is lurking & stalking on 06-07-13, aren't they?

Lion News: Pope Co. Sheriff Timmy 'The Perjurer' Riley's Failure To Strand Nemmers?


Lion News: Nemmers Kicked Out Of Lawless Douglas County Jail - HowTo Vid!
According to Pope County Transport Deputy Gary Wold, Nemmers is making life a "living hell" for Pope Sheriff Timmy "The Perjurer" Riley!

The amazing thing is that people blindly believe that a jury will reach the "right" verdict in a rigged court, isn't it?

My poem for lawless Pope County Minnesota -

In Minnesota there's a County named Pope,

Where there's more than one Law Enforcement Officer who's a dope,

The Judges there are Pius,

They are filled with much Bias,

And the whole of it could never be scrubbed clean with soap.

Lawless Pope County is lurking, aren't they?

Lion News: MPR's Image Repair After Puff Piece On Lawless Pope County Officials?
Lion News: Why Is MPR's Reporter Vogel Silent On Pope County MN Corruption?
Lion News: MPR Puff Piece Puts Sheep Mask On Lawless Pope County SWAT Connection
Lion News: MPR Puff Piece Exposure Upsets Lawless Pope County MN?

Lawless State of MN - Lawless Willmar, MN Is Lurking, Aren't They?

Minnesota Public Radio is lurking, aren't they? "Tokyo Rose" is looking for some context that was left out of her "puff piece, " isn't she?
Lawless Pope County, Minnesota is looking for an Axis Sally or a Hanoi Hannah to broadcast their next load of propaganda, aren't they? -->
It's Lawless Pope County's Policy & Custom To Use Their Positions Of Power Not Only To Crime Crimes, But To Try To Intimidate Their Victims Into Silence, Isn't It?
The Criminal Game Plan Is Revealed, Isn't It?
Lawless Pope County's Declaration Of War On People Who Are Exposing Local Corruption Is Clearly Outlined In This Damning Document, Isn't It?
Lawless Pope County Minnesota Loves To Have Criminals Hold Positions Of Power And Authority, Don't They?

Why Were The Crooks In Lawless Pope County, Targeting Kathy Mayer? She Was Exposing Local Corruption, Wasn't She?

And She Was Exposing Bremer Bank's Mortgage Fraud, Wasn't She?

This Is What Happened After Visiting To Todd Hocum At ERA Viking Realty With A Camera And After Uploading A YouTube Video, Didn't It?


Nabu Press History of Douglas and Grant counties, Minnesota: their people, industries, and institutions
Book (Nabu Press)

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Services will be held for Lance Lundsten on

2011-01-18 09:50:03 by mikiespikey

Services will be held for Lance Lundsten on January 18, 2011 at 7:30 (8:30 EST) in Alexandria, Minnesota.
Lance committed suicide after he felt he had no other options. He faced relentless bullying at school. Lance was a senior in high school and was SO close to graduation but could not face the hatred and evil inside Jefferson High School.
I'm just asking you to remember Lance Lundsten when his funeral begins at 7:30 PM (8:30 E...ST). I'm also asking that you pause and reflect on how you treat others and what you are doing to end hatred.
From the dallasvoice

Minnesota stands to gain from North Dakota drone tests  — Minneapolis Star Tribune
Even before North Dakota was named an FAA test site, Zoller said, a study by the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities System estimated that Minnesota will see at least 1,700 new jobs for certified Airframe and Powerplant maintenance technicians ..

Ex-Viking Kluwe says he was 'fired by two cowards and a bigot'  —
Do drones create jobs? Jennifer Brooks of the Strib writes: “Minnesota is hoping the drones that will soon be circling the skies over North Dakota will deliver an economic boost to this state, as well. … Even before North Dakota was named an FAA test .. Old County Maps - DOUGLAS AND POPE COUNTY MINNESOTA (MN) BY A.T. ANDREAS 1874 - Matte Art Paper
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  • Avatar Minnesotan Love How many years of acting school before getting an agent?
    Jun 18, 2011 by Minnesotan Love | Posted in Theater & Acting

    Hello, there. So I really would like to be an actress, so I'm trying to figure things out. First of all, I know I need to go to acting school, but how do I know which one to go to? I'm 13, I've acted in a few school play …in Dakota County, Minnesota.

    Another thing is, how long should I be in acting school before I try to get an agent and try to audition for a job?

    Thank you all so much :) i really appreciate it!

    • Some people get agents within their first year or it could take years to get an agent.

      Here's the cliffsnotes version of what you can do to do to get into acting and eventually get an agent:

      … if they ask for upfront money, make you take new photos with THEIR photographer, or take THEIR classes. Agent’s ONLY make money when you do. Agents usually make 10% on film/tv and commercials and 20% on commercial print